Erection in a 50-year-old man: how to improve potency?

decrease in potency after 50 years

Erection after 50 years in the vast majority of men is subject to change, unfortunately, not for the better. The age "imprint" makes itself felt, but the lived years are not the only factor leading to erectile dysfunction.

Any representative of the stronger sex, regardless of his age, wants to be attractive to his partner, and any "misfire" of an intimate plan appears as a serious psychological trauma, which rarely remains without subsequent difficulties.

With the passage of age, there is a decrease in erection, reduced sexual desire, the duration of sexual intercourse leaves much to be desired. In this regard, many men of fifty are looking for an answer to the question, how to improve an erection?

Let's look at the reasons for the decline in erectile ability at the age of fifty, and also find out what way will help restore male strength?

Impotence and 50 years of age

It is impossible to say with complete certainty that all men who are 51 years old or older will have sexual problems. It’s just that during these years, age-related changes are observed in the body of the stronger sex, testosterone levels decrease. Accordingly, an erection at 40 and 52 years will be significantly different.

Male forces are reduced under the influence of a huge number of harmful factors. It is noted that primarily the reason for this is the level of testosterone in the blood of men. Doctors note that at the age of 30-35, the concentration of the hormone is declining, and 50 years of age can become a critical mark.

With each passing year, the functionality of blood vessels decreases, the vascular walls lose their former elasticity and resilience, they undergo pathological changes and disruption of the structure. As a result, blood circulation is disturbed, and there impotence is not far off.

In addition, it is rare that any representative of the stronger sex at the age of 53 does not have a history of chronic diseases that negatively affect the erectile abilities of men.

Let's highlight the most common causes of erectile dysfunction after 50 years:

  • Wrong lifestyle, in particular, alcohol abuse, smoking, drug use, low physical activity. As well as lack of physical activity, excess weight.
  • Psychological problems. As noted, one "misfire" in bed can lead to other difficulties that will definitely affect the quality of erection.
  • Various cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus of any type, trauma to the penis or pelvic organs, multiple sclerosis, vascular pathologies and other ailments.

To treat chronic diseases, a 54-year-old man takes medications, which, as a side effect, can significantly weaken sexual strength, leading to a whole range of intimate problems.

Statistics show that impotence affects not only 55-year-old men, but also the fair sex. Chronic diseases and unhealthy lifestyle, excess weight - all this leads to a decrease in libido in women.

Improving potency and erection: tips and tricks

The restoration of the sexual strength of the representatives of the stronger sex begins with the establishment of the cause, which acts as a provoking factor. If this item is ignored, then no effective and potent drugs will help to return a good riser.

Therefore, first of all, it is recommended to visit a doctor, undergo an examination for the presence of pathologies that impair the erectile ability of men. For example, if you achieve normal sugar levels in diabetes, then the quality of erection increases.

When inflammatory processes in the prostate gland are leveled, then over time, sexual forces return in full. Thus, treatment depends on the primary source of pathological failure.

Generally speaking, the treatment of impotence can go in the following directions:

  1. Treatment of the "original source" of the problem, symptomatic therapy is additionally recommended so that the man can live a regular intimate life.
  2. The appointment of dietary supplements that provide an increase in the immune status, compensate for the lack of minerals and vitamins, positively affect the body as a whole.
  3. Hormone replacement therapy is recommended in cases where the patient has an extremely low level of testosterone in the blood.
  4. Fast-acting drugs that affect the blood flow, as a result of which the penis becomes strong and elastic. They do not affect the causes, are characterized by a temporary effect, and a relatively prolonged action.
  5. Physiotherapy procedures. These include magnetotherapy, mud therapy, mineral baths and much more.

Improvement in erection can be expected at any age, and at 56 years old, many men remain sexually active. The main thing to remember is that along with drug therapy, lifestyle correction is also of no small importance.

Important additional rules for a good riser: a balanced diet, exercise, timely treatment of all diseases (even colds).

Erection medications

When a man realizes that his erection has worsened, he almost immediately thinks about which pill to take? And this is not unusual, but at 57 years old, not every medicine will work.

Many drugs have many contraindications, respectively, taking them against the background of certain diseases in adulthood is fraught not only with side effects, but also with some complications.

All means for an erection are classified depending on application. Most often, men prefer to take pills, as this is the most convenient way. But drugs have another form of release.

For example, urethral drugs are injected into the urethra, work for 10 minutes, and are characterized by an effect of about one hour. This time is enough to make a full-fledged sexual intercourse.

There are the following forms of medicines:

  • The injections are carried out in the cavernous body of the penis. The action is observed after 5-10 minutes. Side effects: pain during the administration of the drug, itching, burning, pain during sex. They are prescribed by a doctor.
  • Means of local action. These include various creams and gels. Perhaps this is the safest way to help restore an erection at 58 years old. Due to the herbal composition of the drug does not provoke side effects.

When choosing a means of synthetic origin, you should always remember about the "reverse side of the coin", in particular about the possible harm from the use of the drug. And then a sluggish erection will no longer be the biggest problem for men.

At the age of 59, dietary supplements such as Ogoplex, Ali Caps, Inforte, Yarsagumba and other supplements are popular. They work slowly, but have a cumulative effect, allowing you to maintain a good erection even after stopping the drugs.

Sports as a way to enhance erectile function

When a man has intimate problems, any doctor will say that sports are an integral part of therapy. During active movement, blood circulation in the body increases, soft tissues receive more oxygen, excess weight is lost, which is often observed in men in adulthood.

It is not necessary to exhaust yourself with workouts in the gym, as there are special complexes aimed at restoring sexual strength at home. The main thing is to train every day for 20-30 minutes.

Definitely, the process will take a relatively long period of time, since the muscles need time to strengthen and recover.

Consider a few effective exercises for mature men:

  1. "Movement on the buttocks. "A man should sit on the floor, straighten his legs forward, with his heels resting a little on the floor. Then you need to move the buttocks, moving forward. "Walk" at least 5 meters in a workout.
  2. Exercise "Bicycle". The man lies down on a flat surface, raises his legs up, then imitates cycling. Start with a short training time, gradually increasing to 7-8 minutes of continuous driving.
  3. Lie on the floor, bend your knees, rest your heels on the plane. On a deep breath, raise the pelvis, on the exhale lower. Repeat as many times as possible.

The exercises listed above contribute to the normalization of blood, strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, which positively affects the potency and erection of men.

Special sprays help to speed up the process of returning male power. The uniqueness of the drug lies in the fact that its effectiveness does not depend on age. A stunning result awaits young and mature men.